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Education Consultation - Online

Private Education Consultation

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Timeframe 1hr

A unique service that will help you work out what is right for you and your circumstances.

Discuss a range of topics in a safe and private session with Jodie, our Sexuality Educator.

  • Toys; what, where and how

  • Communication techniques for exploration and care

  • Experiencing pleasure with techniques, tools, and toys

  • 101 Kink and sexual exploration

  • Sexual pain and dysfunction due to health challenges

  • Peri Menopause, Menopause & Sex

Jodie offers private 1 hour or 1/2 hour information and education sessions. Jodie will prepare information and resources about your consultation. After the session, she will send all those resources by email to you.

Tailored to you.

If you have any specific experience you want to explore let Jodie know when she contacts you an email before the consultation. In that email, Jodie will send you some questions to clarify what you want to focus on.

Feeling Nervous?

You are not alone. Discussing these topics can feel a little embarrassing to talk about, which is why Jodie does her utmost to make you feel at ease throughout your private information and education session. Jodie prefers to conduct the information and education session by video chat, the platform is your choice however if you would rather opt for a voice call that can also be arranged just let Jodie know.

After payment has been made you will be able to download the Information and Agreement document which includes an intake form. Please only print off the pages on which you are required to fill out or sign and you only need to scan or take a photo of those pages and return them by email to before your appointment.

AFTREPAY CANNOT BE USED TO PAY FOR THESE SESSIONS. If you do use Afterpay the amount will be refunded and the agreed appointment time will be forfeited.

There is no medicare or health fund rebate on these appointments, payment must be received 48hrs before your appointment and there is no refund if you cancel within 24hrs of your appointment time. Other payment and conditions of service are contained in the intake paperwork.

Our philosophy

Is that sexuality & pleasure are an important part of every persons quality of life.

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That women deserve a place where they can explore their own unique relationship to sex, desire and their bodies.

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