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Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Douche and Enema System

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Explore your fetish fantasies with our Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Douche and Enema System. Perfect for beginners and designed to be both practical and pleasurable, this water bulb and attachments system is extremely comfortable to use. The medical-style squeeze bulb is soft and pliable, with the interchangeable phthalate-free PVC tapered attachments (anal enema and vaginal douche) screwing easily into the top of the bulb. Simply fill the bulb with liquid, squeeze the bulb to release and enjoy incredible stimulation and clean fun for vaginal or anal play.

Use your imagination and discover your wild side to keep things fresh and new – ease yourself into the world of bondage and discipline and enjoy an exploration of erotic sensation that will add a new dimension to the way you play!