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How to Go Down on a Woman - written by a sexologist

How to Go Down on a Woman.

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This is one of a series of guides with the best techniques for manual stimulation & oral sex.

Our promise is that we will share the top pleasure tips and when you combine that with you commitment to priorities these activities in your intimate activities makes for a powerful combination.

It is important to remember that everybody is different and unique. So your partner may not like every single one of the techniques shared in this guides.

This guide can be a great conversation starter. Reading this guide together can build anticipation. You can ask each other what you think about the different tips and techniques shared. Maybe even come up with your own variations to try.

This guide is written with our Resident Sexologist & CEO - Jodie West. Jodie known for initiating Taboo conversations about women's health & sexuality.

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  • How To Finger A Woman
  • How To Go Down On A Woman
  • How To Give A Hand Job

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