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JO Prolonger Gel - Benzocaine Free - Desensitizer

JO Prolonger Gel - Benzocaine Free - Desensitizer

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A regular strength gel that uses natural numbing ingredients to slow the onset of ejaculation. 

The addition of peppermint oil is designed to enhance the prolonging effect while also providing a natural plumping sensation. 

Perfect to use during solo-play and foreplay, this gel offers a more thrilling application, with a longer lasting effect.

Product Features:

  • A thick, creamy, moisturizing gel, infused with natural desensitizers
  • More playful application, a great way to play prior to intercourse
  • All-spice, Patchouli oil, and peppermint help to delay ejaculation
  • A regular strength formula ideal for men who want to last longer
  • Benzocaine and Lidocaine free
  • Glycerin and Paraben Free
  • Not Compatible with Natural Rubber Latex
  • Travel size 2oz. Bottle for romantic getaways

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