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Sexual Secrets for Men What Every Woman Will Want Her Man to Know

Sexual Secrets for Men. What Every Woman Will Want Her Man to Know

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By: Kerry Riley, Diane Riley

Everyone knows that a great relationship involves much more than physical contact, but what are the secrets of success? Sexual Secrets for Men contains the secrets - the insight, the information and the techniques that will turn your dreams of a fantastic relationship into reality. Based on the ancient teachings of Tantra, this book will show you new ways to experience amazing levels of sexual ecstasy with your partner open your heart to love more than ever before and transform your lovemaking into a sacred experience that will touch you and your partner on every level of being - body, heart, and soul.

Whether you are single or ina relationship, this book will give you amazong insight into how to develop, nuture and maintain an extraordinary love life.

  • Paperback
  • Milsons Point, Australia
  • 1740511050
  • 9781740511056

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