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Shhh Blindfold

Shhh Blindfold by Bijoux Indiscrets

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You need only to close your eyes to step into a world of pleasure.

Shhh... is much more than just a blindfold. It's an invitation to irresistible suspense and fantasy. On the double-sided ribbon, there are different messages - one to unleash your most ardent fantasies (Ohhh) and one for your more secret side (Shhh).

The Shhh... Blindfold is the perfect ally for a night of sensual pleasure.

Product Features:

  • Satin blindfold with printed messages
  • Double-sided messages on either side of the fabric: Ohhh... (for your most ardent fantasies) and Shhh... (for your more secret fantasies)
  • Material: Satin
  • Reusable
  • Size: 16cm (L) x 9.7cm (W)
  • Made in Spain

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