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Collar Vegan Leather by Maze
Collar Vegan Leather by Maze
Collar Vegan Leather by Maze
Collar Vegan Leather by Maze

Collar Vegan Leather by Maze

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The Vegan Leather Collar by Maze perfect accessory for any daring look or bondage session. Don't be fooled by its size – it's sure to be the center piece of any outfit.

Lose yourself along the paths of the Maze and discover a place where both of your worlds meet; let the world you show and the world you hide come together as one. Do you dare to enter?

Reveal your kinkiest side with this BDSM-inspired necklace.

Maze make gorgeous additions to your wardrobe that indulge your kinkier side. Not for a scene BDSM scene or play but they make beautiful kinky fashion accessories for a night our with your partner or your friends. 

These are great pieces if you are starting out and want to try something new that has a little bit of an edge. Pair it with a favourite piece of lingerie to change things up a bit and add a new visual when you walk into the room. Wear them solo when you are feeling a little naughty either while fully dressed out for the day or at home playing solo.

100% vegan

How to wear:

  • Succumb to your desires with a safe and fun way to intensify your sex life and strengthen your trust.

  • Choose the outfit and lingerie you want to surprise him with and add a rebellious touch to both with this choker necklace.

  • Fit the necklace to your neck using the clasp.

  • Enjoy the stares.

  • Then turn it into your favorite accessory for your bondage games. A necklace with a bold design to enjoy in various situations.

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