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Wanda by Liberator
Wanda by Liberator
Wanda by Liberator
Wanda by Liberator

Wanda by Liberator

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Ergonomically designed to be paired with your wand of choice, the tapered and undulating form comfortably cups your body to offer support in a multitude of positions and gives you completely hands-free access to your wand.

This toy mount's narrow body is perfect for straddling, and the height adds lift and easy access in standing or laying down positions, making it ideal for couple's play. This product is is also sensational for solo play, hands free and support for you in your pleasure.

The cover is machine washable, and has a waterproof liner underneath. The Wanda will definitely put a spell on you!

Sex furniture may seem like a luxury accessory and you would be right but it can also be a game changer for your sex life and your pleasure. Whether it is solely to increase pleasure and adventure or if it is for added support and accessibility it really can assist any one and everyone to enhance their sex lives. Liberator sets the bar in this are area of the market.

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