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Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator in black and gold

Womanizer Premium

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Colour Black & Gold

The Pleasure Air technology stimulates your clitoris without making contact with 12 different intensity levels. The autopilot function allows you experience your orgasm unexpectedly, and in a surprisingly new way. The rhythm changes with every use. Smart Silence senses your desire. The Womanizer Premium only starts when it is almost touching the surface of your skin. This not only makes it quieter to use, but also makes your enjoyment even more intense. Womanizer Premium is completely waterproof.

Made for you and your body: All WOMANIZER products feature a unique innovation called Pleasure Air Technology. ​

Why is Pleasure Air Technology so special? Your clitoris is stimulated without direct contact. Gentle air vibrations suck and massage together to provide an unprecedented orgasmic feeling.

Womanizer Premium has an Autopilot function that gives you the feeling that you are using a new toy every night. If you enjoy a little variety to spice things up then the Womanizer Premium may be the product for you.

WOMANIZER is IPX7 waterproof, nothing stands in the way of a long, relaxing bath, a refreshing shower or even a pool party.

“Premium” means highest quality - that’s not an empty promise. WOMANIZER™ is the original in this style of technology. Premium showcases all of Womanizers patented technology like Pleasure Air™ and Smart Silence™. These amazing features that were created from thorough scientific research and listening to your wants and needs. WOMANIZER™ Premium unmatched by any other sex toy.​

The Womanizer Premium has a sensual, slim design fits comfortably in your hand.

It includes extra stimulation head that is a little different in shape because every body is different. The Smart Silence function starts exactly at the point when it is close to your skin ready to go.

Extra stimulation head

We know that every clitoris looks differently, which is why the delivery also includes an extra-large stimulation head, to ensure that every woman can use it. You can purchase this by emailing and will we arrange the purchase.

Cleaning Womanizer Premium is as easy as using some warm water and a toy cleaner or antibacterial soap.

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