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YES CLEANSE intimate washes - feminine wash



This product is unavailable

YES CLEANSE are sensitively formulated intimate washe, designed to respect the delicate vaginal ecology, with a refreshing and effective cleansing action.

The Vagina is a self-cleaning part of our anatomy so washes are not necessary but due to public demand, we have been researching which products to stock. This organic feminine wash is the one we have chosen to stock. 

YES CLEANSE key features:

  • Ultra gentle intimate foam wash
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Guaranteed Pure and Natural
  • Organic plant actives – Calendula and Aloe Vera
  • pH matched wash*
  • Washes away odour-causing bacteria without irritation
  • Economic foam pump producing soft gentle lather
  • 200+ washes (that’s over 6 months, when used daily)
  • Propellant free foaming
  • Luxurious feminine washes you can use with confidence and safety day after day
  • YES Cleanse Rose contains exquisite Organic Rosa Damascena - this product is available on request as we are only holding stock of the unfragranced product.
  • 150ml

*traditional soaps and shower gels can disrupt the vaginal pH balance, causing irritation and discomfort. YES CLEANSE has been carefully pH matched to complement and protect the intimate environment.

"I love the unfragranced wash! It is the only product I have found that does not cause issues. I found it after searching and searching online for a natural, safe, gentle product. I wanted something that would cleanse, but gently, so that it wouldn't disturb the natural balance of things, and cause problems! I am so glad I found this. I've been using it for years now, and I won't ever use anything else, and I've had none of the issues I used to have since switching to this. I am also very, very glad I can purchase it online from you guys, because I live in Canada, and the one place here where I used to be able to find it, they no longer carry it....I was so worried when they stopped!! I need this product. So I am so pleased that I can buy it online." ~ Julia H

"Wonderful way to cleanse your genital area when you don't need a shower (or bath). The foam makes it easier to apply than liquid or solid soap, no need for a rag. Squirt a pump on your hand, apply and rinse. I have very sensitive skin and have had no problems with this product." ~ Karen