4 Elements Organic Essential Oils set by Alkimista

4 Elements Organic Essential Oils set by Alkimista


The 4 Elements Set is a toolbox of special scents, symbols, and words that assist us on our journey of connection, healing and transformation. Alkimista is all about bringing back the power of INTENTION to our lives, the magic of INSPIRED action and the beauty of CONNECTION not only to self but to all that is around and inside of us. To remember the FLOW of the seasons, the cycles of life, and the elements of nature.

These beautiful certified organic essential oils (Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Orange Sweet) have been set with the intention of supporting us in bringing more Peace, Awareness, Faith & Purpose into our daily lives, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. If you'd like to try the magic of these oils follow this link to Alkimista’s page.

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Using this link will give you a discount, the purchase takes place on the Alkimista site. We are so excited and happy to be partnering with the amazing women behind Alkimista. A fabulous Australian business with absolutely gorgeous products.

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