Air - tech reusable vacuum cup by Tenga

Air - tech reusable vacuum cup by Tenga

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Made in the likeness of the Original Vacuum CUP – TENGA’s flagship item that made the TENGA CUP Series a global success. Featuring TENGA’s renowned suction mechanism, that consists of an advanced airflow structure, the AIR-TECH Series use no internal sponge, making them hygienic and safe to wash and reuse!

The new removable sleeve makes the cups easy to clean! Also featuring an all-new airflow structure for even more amazing sensations! The AIR-TECH comes in three different strengths. Choose from Gentle (white), Regular (red) or Strong (black). Each have different internal structures and material strengths.

Gentle (White): If you are looking for a softer sensation, not as tight like with other stimuli then the GENTLE is the perfect one. Featuring spiralling lines to tease and titillate, and a soft material.

Regular (Red): It has the same material intensity as the famous Deep Throat Cup. Experience the great stimulation unlike any other in this reusable form.

Strong (Black): for those who enjoy encasing themselves in a tight, vigorous experience. Not only is the material firmer for a stronger stimulation, the ridges and ribs are all more pronounced for a dynamic sensation.

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Product Features:

  • TENGA's most innovative suction cup design with advanced Air Tech suction technology

  • Internal air chambers increase suction strength dramatically

  • Free from an internal sponge for hygienic, multiple use

  • Flexible, stretchy sleeve is lined with ribbing and raised nodules with tight and satisfying grip

  • Suction hole in the end for customised suction strength

  • Includes sachet of lubricant for play as soon as it arrives

  • Easy to clean and reuse time and time again

  • Made from skin safe Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)