Connection Organic Essential Oil Blend from Alkimista

Connection Organic Essential Oil Blend from Alkimista


The Connection Blend is the first Alkimista blend to be created and has been set with the intentional energy of connection. The energy promotes connection to ourselves, others, nature and the divine. The symbol we have chosen for this blend is the philosophers stone as it truly represents the power of connection and our belief in modern-day alchemy -The art of turning the ordinary into something extraordinary.

This blend is perfect for self-reflective practice, meditation and as part of your daily rituals.

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1 x Certified Organic 15ml Essential Oil Blend

Ingredients: Pure Organic Essential Oils of Orange Sweet, Cedarwood Atlas, Lavender, Palmarosa, Rose Otto & Vanilla C02 Extract

Using this link will give you a discount, the purchase takes place on the Alkimista site. We are so excited and happy to be partnering with the amazing women behind Alkimista. A fabulous Australian business with absolutely gorgeous products.

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