Eva II

Eva II


With flexible wings that tuck under the labia while Eva II sits on top of your clitoris, you can have clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. Eva II is smaller, lighter, and simple to use - plus, it's totally waterproof, and comes with a sleek charging base/travel case to boot. So easy to keep in your bedside table or take traveling with you.

You will love how it is No hands, no hassle. Unlike vibrating penis rings, Eva II is worn by the woman, leaving your hands free to support your weight, move around, and focus on intimacy.

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Fit Tips:

Eva is a one-size-fits-most product — it fits different vulvas differently. Here are some user generated tips for getting the most out of Eva

1.Tucking Eva in place when it’s not vibrating may help figure out it’s best placement for you.

2. The closer the wings are tucked in toward your body, the more secure Eva will feel. Try tuck the wings one side at a time, using one hand to pull the tissue out a little bit while using the other hand to tuck in the wing.

3. Don’t worry about whether you’re outer or inner labia — just see what feels the most comfortable and the most secure. Using the inner labia can sometimes apply more pressure or help to push back the clitoral hood; the outer labia can have the benefit of being bolstered by surrounding tissue.

4. You may want to try using Eva alone a few times before introducing it to a partner. Alternatively, asking a partner to help you with placement can provide a second point of view.

5. Your vulva changes through different stages of arousal, and body position can affect ease of placement. Try playing around with when you place Eva (e.g. during foreplay vs. after insertion), as well as what position works best (e.g. lying on your back vs. sitting up).

6. Lubricant is often used to enhance the sensation of a vibrator, but friction plays a part in how Eva’s wing’s stay in place. Avoid getting excessive lube on Eva’s wings and only use water based lubricant or silicone toy safe lubricant with Eva - DO NOT USE Silicone lube.

7. Eva is intended to be placed with the button closer to your belly button and the wings facing towards the vaginal opening. Nevertheless, flipping Eva around (so the wings point toward your belly button) may actually be better for you.

8. Try changing how far apart your legs are, It can affect both how much you enjoy Eva and how secure it feels.

9. You may enjoy Eva more with a little extra pressure, or like Eva to feel a little bit more secure. You can hold Eva against you with a finger, a pillow, a pair of crotchless panties, or a friend.

Product Features:

  • Made to fit more vulvas

  • Smaller overall dimensions

  • 10% lighter & 18% smaller than Eva

  • Button relocated from front to top

  • Waterproof

  • Medical grade silicone

  • USB rechargeable

Customer Reviews

“Handsfree clit stimulation, yes please. The little arms tuck in and hold the vibrating part of Eva close to my clit. My orgasm was amazing and my hubby loved how I reacted.” Kate - Maitland, NSW