Jazzie by Fun Factory

Jazzie by Fun Factory


Jazzie is the best proof that this isn't always true. Made of high-quality medical-grade silicone and fitted with a powerful quality motor Made in Germany, this stylishly designed, battery-operated mini vibrator pleasures without putting a strain on the wallet. The uniquely affordable price and the slender shape with effective structuring makes JAZZIE the perfect basic toy for every pinch-penny, who however doesn't like to cut corners on quality in bed.

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  • Powerful, battery-operated mini vibrator.

  • Slender shape “SlimVIBE“

  • Very suitable for narrowly built women

  • Structured silicone sheath for intense stimulation

  • The mid-sized SlimVIBE

  • One vibration level full of zest

  • Powerful motor

  • Battery-operated with two AA batteries

  • Do NOT remove paper in battery compartment!

  • Ready to go! Easy operation with the cap “EASY TWIST“ made of body-friendly ABS plastic

  • 100 % waterproof

  • Velvety, medical grade silicone with a pleasantly flexible toy end – gentle to the body and odorless!

  • Easy to clean with the TOYCLEANER, which is specially made for silicone toys and the genital area...or with water and mild soap

  • Made in Germany

  • Best FUN FACTORY quality for a small budget

  • In black or pink

  • 7.0 in. cm and Ø 1.2 in.

  • 2 year warranty