Medisil Magic Touch Massager Wand

Medisil Magic Touch Massager Wand


Touted as the most powerful vibrator around, the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager is now available in Australia as the Medisil Magic Touch Massager!

The Medisil Magic Touch Massager has long been a crowd pleaser in the US as the Hitachi Magic Wand due its ability to deliver earth shattering power to where it is needed most. Until recently, Australians have had to put up with bulky converters to enjoy its many pleasures. But no longer! Medisil has now come out with an Australian version designed for 240 volt outlets.

The Magic Touch Massager is a true, full body, massager. The vibrating head can be applied to all areas of the body for a relaxing massage or to excite your more sensitive areas. There are two speeds, low and high. Even the low starts out quite strong and the high is incredible on the large muscle groups of the back, buttocks and thighs.  

This is not a discreet toy in size or volume, so make sure you are in a comfortable, private location if you intend on stimulating your naughty bits. Take our word for it; you won't be discreet either when this toy is applied to that special spot!  

The Magic Touch Massager is an excellent tool to provoke orgasms in those who may take a long time to reach orgasm or find reaching orgasm difficult to achieve. If you don't have a problem with orgasm, then this handy tool can multiply your pleasure as it brings on orgasm after orgasm.

If your partner has a bit of a wicked streak, the Medisil Magic Touch makes an excellent tool of play. They may challenge you to see how long you can refrain from moving or crying out as they stimulate your most sensitive areas. You'll want to comply because the punishment is the immediate cessation of those good vibrations.  

Because this is a corded massager, it is NOT appropriate for use in or around water.

The Medisil Magic Touch Massager is backed by a 1 year warranty and comes equipped with a 100% medical grade silicone head.

Don’t forget your quality lubricant to increase the pleasure.

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Length: 32cm

Weight: 400g

Thermoplastic body

Silicone massage head

1.5 metre long power cord

240 Volt, mains powered

Dual speed control rocker switch

The Medisil Magic Touch can be used in other countries with 240V systems, although a wall socket adapter may be required.

Certificate of Approval No 090418 provided by Testing and Certification Australia.

Customer Reviews

“This product is amazing!! I didn't think it looked like a toy that could do the trick - I was wrong, so very wrong. My partner bought as a present and we both love it in partnered and solo play.” Emma, Larrakeyah NT

“It always beings my wife to orgasm. The massager is not as heavy as the American model but has the same power, which is great as we are not as young as we use to be. My wife and I are pensioners and it is nice to have some fun in our retirement.” Bob, Kenmore QLD

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