Menopause and Sex

Menopause and Sex


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Join us as we raise glasses to menopause – and to the changes and opportunities that come with it. We will chat about night sweats, painful sex, brain fog, and more, and what you can do to take control.

This is an online course so you can raise a tea cup or a glass of bubbles, that is entirely up to you. You can watch live and ask some questions along the way or you can watch the recording at a time that is convenient to you. 

If you are going through peri-menopause, menopause or have come out the other side, medically induced, natural, around the average age or prematurely join us for an honest, no shame chat and probably a few laughs along the way. If you feel disconnected from your body and miss the woman you once were, if you are struggling to be intimate with your partner, if sex is painful or you are missing the sex life you once had and want ideas on how you can find ways forward then please join us.

Partners are welcome, if you are wanting to understand a little more of what your loved one is going through. If you want to learn ways that you can help that will work for both you and your partner, then please join us.

Join Jodie our Sexuality Educator to learn more about Menopause & Sex. Over four weeks there will be honest conversations no shame, no taboo about life in menopause and how it impacts your sex life. 

Topics covered (as they relate to your sex life will be;

·     Menopause can happen at any age.

·     Painful sex

·     Lack of desire

·     Redefining pleasure

·     Hormone replacement therapy

·     Hot flashes, night sweats & sleep

·     Mood

·     Ending the war with your body.

You can add the Menopause Kit at a discounted rate. Once you have purchased this course we will send you an email with a discount code exclusive to Menopause & Sex participants.

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The live course will be run online over four weeks. Each session will be recorded for those that cannot attend at the time of the live.

There is no refund from the day the first part of the course is run (00:01 on first day of the course).

Course launch is in May 2019. You will be notified of the first date by email, so make sure that is the safe list of your email.

Bliss courses no blush, based in reality, informative online courses are designed by our resident sexologist for any stage you are at in life.

An online course is a fantastic option for helping create the sex life you’ve always wanted, and can often be a better choice than personal coaching. Thousands of people have transformed their sex lives with online courses.