Mimi Soft massager by JeJoue

Mimi Soft massager by JeJoue

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Sensual Mimi experience with an added layer of silky softness

Offering all of the external stimulation pleasure of Mimi but with an added layer of velvety soft and flexible silicone. The Mimi soft offers five vibration and pulsation patterns - perfect for beginners and aficionados alike.

Mimi Soft is designed with a motor set to a low frequency to give our signature Je Joue oh-so-low rumbling vibrations. With 5 speeds and 7 patterns, Mimi Soft offers a wide range of vibrations - from a gentle purr to a deep rumble.

Creative Tips

Mimi Soft feels great on the clitoris, and any other area that tickles your fancy -and his - from your nipples to his perineum and anywhere in-between.
Smooth and soft, Mimi Soft glides across the skin, making it perfect for a body-massage with a difference.

Here are some fun ways to get creative with the Mimi Soft

  • For a lighter touch, you can also try transferring Mimi Soft's vibrations through your fingertips, by cradling it in your hand and stroking the skin with your fingers.

  • Use the tip to provide pin-point stimulation to the clitoris

  • Use the side to stimulate the labia and the clitoris at the same time

  • Use Mimi Soft flat to provide a wider stimulation of the whole genital area.

  • Try using it on some of your erogenous zones to get you in the mood, breasts, where your neck goes to your shoulder anywhere that gives you tingles.

  • Mimi Soft also comes with a beautiful blindfold for even more fun!

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Product Features

  • 5 Speeds 7 Patterns

  • Quiet

  • Body-safe silicone

  • Waterproof

  • Rechargeable

    How it Works

    Turning Mimi Soft on and off - and changing the pattern

    Mimi Soft has 5 versatile vibration levels, from a low subtle rumble to intense and powerful finish + 7 different pulsing vibrations.

    For vibration, hold + for 2 seconds to turn Mimi Soft on. To increase vibration, click +.

    There are 5 levels of vibrations to choose from. To change from a constant vibration to a pulse vibration, click the ~ (middle button) - there are 7 different pulse vibration patterns.

    To decrease vibration click -. To turn Mimi Soft off, hold - for 2 seconds.

    Charging your Mimi Soft

    To charge your Mimi Soft, please place the charger directly over the Mimi Soft's buttons and you'll feel the magnets pull it into place (Mimi Soft charges through its buttons).

    When charging the light will flash.
    When fully charged the light will stay on, until the charger is removed from the buttons.