Moments Condoms

Moments Condoms

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Moments condoms will help you have a super-close encounter. 

Moments condoms true passion and reason for being is to empower women to celebrate and protect their sexual health. How could we not join forces with this brand. Condoms shouldn’t be a subject of embarrassment or a source of awkwardness – however, our research tells us that it is. 

Let’s talk about condoms, let’s talk about safe sex, let’s talk about taking control .

Moments male condoms are designed for pleasure and durability, two things you absolutely want in the bedroom. 

Made to the highest standards use premium latex, we rigorously test each and every one of our condoms so there won’t be any unwanted surprises.  Vegan certified.

Access our Free Downloads on Condom Use, Safe Sex, Lubricants & Moisturisers, Vaginal Hygiene and more to come.

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