Enigma Rabbit Vibrator by Rocks Off

Enigma Rabbit Vibrator by Rocks Off


The first thing you notice is the shape. It is a great ergonomic design that really does put the control at your finger tips. Who has been in the middle of playing and got all distracted and muddled up because the buttons were in an odd place? Well the Engima is really designed help with that.

Designed to create the perfect orgasm, Enigma's every detail has been beautifully crafted to deliver ultimate pleasure for the fearless woman. Perfectly balanced to sit in your hand, the unique ergonomic design gives you total control. The sensitive handle orientation allows pressure to be easily applied against the G Spot with a gentle downwards motion, so you choose and up change your own personal blend of passion. Enigma's independent dual high velocity motors drive intense vibrations to the flexible precision G spot shaft and stimulates the clitoris ensuring endless satisfaction.

One of the challenges that rabbit vibrators can have is fitting different anatomy’s because every body is different. The flexibility main arm and clitoral arm help this toy overcome that problem. The power of the motor also means that you will feel it in your clitoris, g-spot and some have even repported feeling it through to your ‘bum’, so there is no doubt the Enigma is powerful.

What we love is that you do not have to strain to reach to insert it, you do not have to reach or twist to try and work out the controls. So it could be the toy for you if you have concerns in these sorts fo areas. Oh and the flexibility of the arms is impressive.

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Additional detail

  • Sensory velvet touch body safe silicone 

  • Dual independent motors for blended pleasure 

  • 10 powerful vibration and pulsation levels 

  • Precision G spot flexible shaft 

  • Clitoral stimulation 

  • Ergonomic handle with easy controls 

  • Detachable charging station 

  • Fully waterproof when in locked position 

  • 3 secs turn on/off  

  • USB magnetic charge 

  • 3 hours charge time for up to 3 hours of pleasure.