Sexual Self Care Course

Sexual Self Care Course

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Your Pleasure and Self Care are Important.

It is hard to feel sexy, experience desire or want to be intimate when you feel like your body has been medicalised, when your body doesn’t feel like your own anymore or you are so busy taking care of everyone else. 

Surgical scars, chronic pain, lost body parts, fatigue, treatment side effects, medical menopause, pain with sex, changes in sensation treatment, weight changes, housework, work stress, traffic jams, ‘Mum’ this ‘Mum’ that, stress and anxiety;

Do not equal,

‘I feel sexy, let's get naked’.


So let’s start with SEXUAL SELF CARE.

This course is the perfect starting point to help you to begin to find you again, your desire, redefine your way forward and to help you begin to feel like the sexy woman that you are.

This course is open for pre order and will be avaliable at a gorgeous location in Brisbane or online in October.

Brisbane Location & Date: SOLD OUT

ONLINE: 40min sessions - 10th October. 17th October. 24th October. 2pm.

Secure your spot NOW to go in the draw for a Moxie by We-Vibe or a Womanizer Liberty.

Women Only in Brisbane Location. It will make a great event to share with a couple fo friends.

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Cancellations & Refunds

Once the Date and location is announced - No refunds will be given within 1 week of the course.